I have been going to Anne's now for a couple of years. She provides a warm friendly service in her treatment room at her home.


Following treatment for breast cancer (lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) I ended up with lymphedema. After having tried a few things with very little positive results I was recommended to try RLD (reflexology lymph drainage) which Anne provides.


Never having tried anything like that before I was not sure that it would work, so I went along to my first appointment with an open mind hoping she would be able to help. I know my lymphedema can't be cured bt wanted something that would make it more manageable. Now after going regularly for a while I'm on maintenance treatment (every 5 to 6 weeks) and it works!! Anne is flexible and treatments are tailored to suit each session.


It has restored my self-confidence as I was so self conscious about how I looked before starting treatment and the lymphedema is well controlled. I always feel relaxed and revitalised after a treatment, as a result of this I'm one very happy client. Thank you Anne.


Gwyn  April 2024


I went to Anne for Hands Free Reflexology 2 weeks ago. The whole treatment was extremely relaxing and I slept much better than usual that night. That was good but there were 3 other benefits! 


1. I had a pain in my neck that had been there for 2 days. Probably from sleeping badly, but it showed no signs of wearing off as these things usually do the following day. It was noticeably better after the treatment but was still there. However the next morning it had gone completely.


2. I had had lower back pain for several weeks and though it comes and goes during the day, it is always bad until I get going in the mornings and sometimes wakes me at night. The morning after the treatment I had no pain at all and it hasn't come back at all either. Excellent!


3. The other surprise was in my left foot. I have a Mortons Neuroma which causes pain in a joint in the ball of my foot at various times. For me this is worst when I stand in a certain position to do my Taiko Drumming and it had been getting really painful. But 5 days after my treatment I went to drumming again and had absolutely no pain at all, which was such a relief. I have had a drumming performance and another practice session since then and have still had no pain at all. 


I am one very happy client! Thanks Anne. 


Hilary   April 2019



Reflexology is recommended by Macmillan Cancer Support for patients who have had cancer or those patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. It helps with relaxation, anxiety and depression relief and encourages feeling of general wellbeing. I was advised by my oncologist to use reflexology alongside my treatment plan to assist in my recovery during and after chemo.

I have weekly sessions with Anne and have found that it helps with sleep, digestion and sickness. Anne is a professional therapist who makes her clients feel relaxed and at ease. She will ask whether you want to talk or just have a quiet time during each treatment – either is fine. While having each treatment, Anne explains which area she is working on and how that corresponds to the body. It is very interesting how Anne mentions things and I explain how things have been with regards to my health. Whether you believe the benefits or not, I find it very interesting how the medical profession is increasingly embracing reflexology and Indian head massage as complimentary therapies which can work alongside conventional medicine.

I am convinced of the benefits to my wellbeing and will continue to seek Anne’s treatments during my next few months of cancer treatment, especially as it’s one of the few complimentary therapies endorsed by my oncologist. Thank you Anne for giving me some respite during this challenging time.

LKWD September 2017




 I have suffered from chronic sinus problems for 24 years and since starting reflexology my sinuses have been draining significantly more and my eyes are far less heavy. I feel more optimistic than I have for years that I may be free of constant sinus infections. (Sue - February 2016)

 My ankles are less swollen, I can walk more easily and for longer. (Jean - January 2016 RLD treatment course)

 I don't know how it works, and I know that it's not a cure, but I haven't walked with such little pain for years. (John - February 2016 - arthritic knees)

I was stressed studying for my exams and Anne's treatments left me feeling calm and able to cope. I passed !  (Bernadette - July 2015)


Excellent massage ! My feet and ankles were really aching beforehand and now feel lovely and relaxed.  (Ellen - December 2014)



Having had persistent back pain for years and despite my initial scepticism, I find each treatment leaves me with little or no pain for some period afterwards. I'm now able to enjoy gardening and exercise to a much greater degree. (Toby - June 2015)


I felt quite stressed on arrival and my feet were tense. By the time Anne was halfway through I could feel myself relaxing and my whole body becoming less tense.  (Nicki - January 2015)

Soothing and relaxing, I didn’t want it to end.  (Jodie - March 2015)

 A beautiful relaxing treatment in a warm friendly environment. Anne made me feel very welcome and comfortable and fully explained what she was doing as she went along.  (Nina - March 2015)

Very welcoming and relaxing treatment. Anne came across as very knowledgeable and reassuring, explained procedures and answered my questions in a friendly manner.  (Andrea - January 2015)

Anne is very warm and friendly and puts you at ease. The treatment, to my surprise, highlighted one or two previous injuries I had forgotten about. I am looking forward to my next treatment.  (Janet R - March 2015)

Treatment felt more relaxing than I had expected it to be. Felt ‘chilled’ afterwards – almost sleepy. Felt cared for throughout. Good to have things explained – shows knowledge and educational for me.  (Janet O’C - May 2015)


Very relaxing and enjoyable experience, was apprehensive before the treatment but now looking forward to my next visit.  (Susan S - March 2015)